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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

fencers at a wedding, fencer washing up

I went to a wedding last Saturday. The bride was my niece and my daughter was a bridesmaid. My son wore a suit and a red (revolutionary tie).

As we sat in the church, waiting for the bride (only half an hour late and so beautiful it was worth it), we discussed fencing, of course. There were four of us sitting in a row: me (epeeist), son (foilist), daughter's boyfriend (sabreur), children's cousin (foilist who fancies sabre). We didn't get so far as demonstrating techniques as the Mendelssohn began in time to stop us, but we passed the time in happy comparison of clubs and techniques.

I'd like to report that my fencing was better, especially since I arrived in my marvellous black and gold club hoodie, but I was so tired that my arm ached when I merely held a foil and epee was exhausting. I didn't do much as serious fencers were preparing for a big tournament. I did win a bout 5-4 but I can't work out how since I was finding it hard to control the point. Possibilities include: a kind opponent, luck, or moves so wild that they were totally unpredictable.

I also challenged a teenager to a bout and he ran away. So I did something I'd always wanted to do - I took his glove from him (he was hiding behind it at the time) and struck him gently across the face. I had to explain that this was a mortal insult and he had no choice to but to fight me. I thought of asking him to name his friends (as seconds) but an awful stopped me - it might be his right to choose the weapon and feared he'd prefer foil. I ought to get the etiquette right from all the novels I've read but I wanted to fence some more epee.

I'd like to report that I beat the teenager, especially since he tried to bribe the ref (she said 20p wasn't enough and that she didn't like sweets). She didn't disqualify him. He won 5-3. He jumped up and down with delight in a stagily villainous way while I tried to scowl.

Still, I got some fencing in.

Meanwhile, the spring in my first epee is playing up - I NEED all my points to register. I may be jnxed as the dishwasher isn't working any more. "Not worth repairing," was the verdict of the armourer, who deals with plumbed appliances professionally. But I hope a little care and attention will persuade my dishwasher to clean my dishes again..

And now it's time to slave over the sink.

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Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

That's sounds really fun but also kinda funny in that you have explain to someone that being hit across the face with a glove is a mortal insult - sounds like you have a good balance between training and that magic that makes fencing fun. As for a mystery win - I just thank the appropriate diety and put another goat on the altar - or rather, since whenever I lose it is MY fault, why shouldn't I take credit for complete random wins too?

7:54 pm  
Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

Ah HA! I am ever on the look out for fencing related materials for you and have only now just realized: Judge John Deed - Series 1 and 2 out by the BBC and available at Amazon.co.uk - About a working class judge risen to the Red Robes who pisses off the establishment by actually trying to find things like what happened and what is appropriate justice instead of what is politically convienant (thus considereed a "radical" also as his daughter breaks into to free animals used in testing) but during his cases and to concentrate his mind, he fences often (daily) in the mid break - which are shown - so an political activist AND a fencer - I hope that is a good match for you Kathz?

9:17 pm  
Anonymous Jim said...

Sounds like great fun Kathz. I have always wanted to Issue a challenge as well.

9:07 pm  
Blogger kathz said...

I saw a couple of Judge Deed programmes a while ago but hadn't realised he was a fencer - I must look again. (For some reason I got worked up about his treatment of the law but I like Martin Shaw.)

As you'll see from my latest post, I'm getting a bit over-enthusiastic about issuing challenges. Soon I'll be out on the highroad ....

10:09 pm  

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