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Thursday, February 01, 2007

becoming a hoodie (sword in hand)

Hooded tops and jackets are the most sinister garments in Britain today. Some restaurants and shopping centres ban them. Children as young as two have been affected by the ban. Even trilby hats have been found guilty by association.

Soon I too will fall under suspicion. We're going to have a fencing club hoodie - black with the club logo in gold. Despite my current economy drive I couldn't resist one. I'll be strolling round the town centre, getting my shopping - even drinking in the pub, if I'm lucky - wearing my hoodie. How long till I'm issued with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order? Just wait till I'm leaving the house, dressed in my hoodie and breeches, swords slung over my shoulder ...

The prospect cheered me through some mediocre fencing - mediocre by my own standards. But I'm still fencing better than at any time last year. (I knew lack of sleep would impair my fencing - and it did). I was cheered too by reports of multiple successes by fencing club members at the regional championship and elsewhere. Perhaps one day I ... well, I can dream. Age advances and one day soon my progress in fencing may reverse. At least I have learnt to fence.


Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

I am convinced that you too can have an ASBO - just dig deep inside or fit enough visual markers to get yourself selected for this special British tradition.

Do you have the slouch down? Do you turn away slightly before speaking. Do you sit for hours with your friends on a bench without actually buying anything (virtually a crime in Blair Britian)? I believe in you Kathz! Train for it and the ASBO is yours!

Glad your training is going well!

9:29 pm  

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