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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

52... and it isn't snowing

The chief news item is the lack of snow. It will snow, apparently. At the moment it's too cold. That means everything is still running: trains, buses, schools, offices, etc. When it snows in England, everything stops. I don't know if I'll be able to get to work tomorrow - if there really is snow.

It seemed obvious that fencing would be pretty empty tonight. Who would leave home in this cold? Instead it was packed. 52 fencers and coaches tried to stab one another - and parents huddled near heaters at the hall's edge. That meant more opportunity for conversation than usual. Fencing was focussed and determined as we took turns on the piste. My three opponents, who pointed out three different errors. I tried to overcome them but, being tired (and having little time) didn't achieve complete success.

As we came out, it wasn't snowing. We discussed the lack of snow, the likelihood of snow, plans for what to do in the event of snow. I went home. It was still too cold for snow.

Surfing at home, I found the latest instalment of The Onion - there's a story that carries out my contention that most activities would be improved by the addition of fencing. Read it here.


Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

Wow - 52, is that a club record? I agree as well, more swords in politics would mean more excitement - people leaping onto horseback after a close vote would be kinda cool too.

9:17 pm  

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