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Saturday, December 30, 2006

a long time since I stabbed anybody

I'm not missing fencing as much as expected - though it's more than a week since I held a sword and the club in on holiday Wednesday. Then there's a week off (the club dinner - I can't go, alas) followed by the arrival of new beginners.

Christmas happened quietly, apart from the Doctor Who Christmas special, in which alien Santas terrorised London. A sonic screwdriver is far more useful than a sword should you happen to encounter daleks, cybermen and the like. But it's not exactly a fair combat.

Our festive Christmas meal took only 50 minutes to cook - an advantage of being vegetarian. Gifts were exchanged, friends and relatives contacted - but no opportunity for a little friendly stabbing presented itself. My epee is still festooned in tinsel.

We didn't have a white Christmas. Pre-Christmas freezing fog cleared, there was a little sun, and now we have rain and gales.

Perhaps I should make New Year's Fencing Resolutions: correct my epee stance right, practise footwork, try to keep fit. I might even resolve to work on foil as I've forgotten so much.

But fencing isn't duty - it's pleasure, so resolutions are a little out of place. I'll work as much as I can, because I love it.


Blogger QuakerDave said...

Resolutions or not, have a wonderful New Year, my stabbing-perons Friend.

4:03 am  
Blogger QuakerDave said...

*stabbing-PERSONS* Friend.

Hate when I have to spell-correct my feeble attempts at humor...

4:04 am  
Blogger B.V. Brus said...

Happy new year!

re comments about my blog on ScrewBronze: I'll get around to opening to the public again some day. Right now, though, most of my material is heavily biased toward complaining about people close to me ... and I REALLY don't want to publicly insult someone with the off-chance he stumbles across one of my self-pity rants.

Sometimes our fencing community is too small to be comfortable. Ya know?

But in the meantime, I'll keep soaking up what I can from your most excellent blog. Thank you. :)

6:39 pm  
Blogger kathz said...

Dave and Brian, Thanks and Happy New Year to you too.

Brian - I'll miss glimpses in the Big Book of Epee but I do know what you mean. Perhaps one day you'll do a special (censored) public blog.

11:03 pm  

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