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Monday, October 02, 2006

fighting a virus

There are nasty little viruses that arrive in the autumn and unsettle people with sniffles and sneezes. Doctors can't prescribe anything but recommend paracetemol and an unlikely amount of rest.

I should have realised I was succumbing last Wednesday when I had to stop part-way through the warm-up, though I got back into it again. Being tired in fencing or missing hits in practice isn't unkown, but attempting to shift balance made me feel faint and I couldn't concentrate quite well enough.

After that, through two long days of work, I began to sense something was wrong although paracetemol and aspirin seemed to keep symptoms under control.

I didn't take my temperature till the weekend. I don't usually bother, but there did seem to be something strange about temperatures altogether. 101.5 - higher than I've experienced in some time - wasn't good, particularly as I had lots to do. My throat hurt and my legs turned to jelly if I tried to walk more than a couple of yards. Time for the doctor, I decided.

It's this year's autumn virus, the doctor said. (For once I've gone with the trend.) My throat with heal but I will start to talk huskily and then develop a "wet cough", which sounds alarming. After that I'll have two weeks of feeling very tired. I half expected her to add that my face would turn purple, my limbs would drop off and I'd mutate into a tadpole - but nothing so exciting was predicted. She suggested resting and taking time off work, though she knew as she said it I wouldn't.

I didn't get round to asking about fencing. She was busy and the doctors themselves are succumbing to the virus.

But I found myself thinking: a little footwork practice - more work on angulations - perhaps a bout or two. If I'm too tired I can sit out for a while ... I could fence foil all evening, if I had to - and it's much lighter than epee.

Meanwhile, my children have taken over cooking and I'm eating very well. There are advantages to being ill - so long as I get well soon.


Blogger LeperColony said...

You guys don't use Celsius over there?

8:21 am  
Blogger kathz said...

I'd like to tell you that was my temperature in celsius!!!

I'm trying to get used to celsius (and metric). I can manage celsius for the weather but my thermometer is marked in farenheit and, so far as I'm concerned, normal is 98.4.

Remember my age - I grew up learning about all sort of exciting measurements like rods, perches, poles, furlongs, etc and using the duodecimal currency. We did times tables that converted into shillings and pence, something like this:

Five sevens are thirty-five; thirty-five pence are two and 11 (i.e. 2s 11d)
Six sevens are forty-two; forty-two pence are three and sixpence (3s 6d)

And I still regret the excitement of finding bun pennies - the first Queen Victoria design in which her hair was in a bun - in everyday change.

10:16 am  
Anonymous Jim said...

Feel better soon Kathz!

Hot soup and a hot shower...Hey..It could not hurt!

2:53 am  

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