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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

fencing fashion and the badminton fleche

Last week's bruises were fading. "No, I haven't been beaten up. Those are epee hits," I had to explain. (The huge mass of bruises on my right wrist was shaming.)

Five weeks off and I'd got used to unbruised skin. I forgot about arnica.

Half way through my first bout, I started to dream fashions for epeeists - away from the salle. PIt's hard to co-ordinate with purple and yellow circles on the right arm. Perhaps a clinging top with one long sleeve (for the sword arm) and one arm bare. It might catch on.

Half way through my second bout I realised I'd have to ignore the heat-wave. No low cut T-shirts for a week - unless purple body paint becomes the look of the season. I fear not.

Not many hits - not enough sleep. Hard to touch the wrist - easy to take hits. Our half of the gym was crowded but only five female fencers - two beginning epee. They might care for my fashion insights, I thought. My opponent hit me again.

Cries of "YAAAAYYY" and a patter of rapid feet came from beyond the curtain. Shuttlecocks skittered onto the piste. Someone must have invented the badminton fleche.


Anonymous Jim said...

I have noticed words like, “I am tried and bruised, but happy.” And I can’t wait to fence again.” We are kindred spirits Kathz.

9:14 pm  
Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

Wrist bruises? I have lots of bruises on my upper arm and in the elbow pocket. There was a new fencer who looks about 9 and is about 13, small girl whose arms were literally covered with giant bruises - I can't believe her parents brought her back.

As for one armed fashion - what about the cape?

6:45 am  

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