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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

wishful thinking

Wouldn't it be wonderful to sing grand opera while fencing?

(I have to concentrate ever so hard just to hold a tune.)

This is Placido Domingo in Alfano's opera of Cyrano de Bergerac. The swordplay isn't exactly Olympic standard - and he takes a while to draw his sword - but being able to sing like that should stun opponents into submission.

I expect KateJ to respond by posting an example of operatic archery - perhaps a snatch of Rossini's William Tell ... And I expect Elizabeth McClung to inspire one or more operas about female wheelchair boxing ... though manga and anime are probably more to her taste.

But perhaps you don't share my passion for opera.

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Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

Well, it is true that you are more likely to get that sort of action with manga - there is even a anime movie about a wheelchair/bed that takes control and becomes a mechanical device on a spree.

Singing is hard work, so I guess his concentration may be elsewhere - I do like opera's though but tend to go for the tragic ones (Pearlfishers is my fav)

8:48 pm  

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