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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Losing - despite electric aid

There was splendid advice in response to my last post. I wasn't sure I could do it but I thought I'd give it a go.

But of course, the fencer I found so difficult wasn't there and I found myself fencing women for a change. They were all shorter than me but I found that once in a while I could score points by lunging and going low. On the whole, however, I missed. I missed by miles, moved slowly and hit flat.

When we moved from steam to the electric piste it seemed as though I was doing better. I was 5-2 up when my opponent landed a clear hit that didn't register - the box had stopped working. So I probably wasn't 5-2 up either.

I thought I'd try for particular hits and see if I could get them. It was a stupid idea. As I tried to slide my blade over my opponent's guard on point after point, my moves were repetitive. I was defeated every time. I decided to try for the knee, repeatedly. My opponent was waiting.

Later, fencing a more experienced fencer, I scored what I thought was a good hit. My light went on - but my opponent was checking her equipment. Her body wire had become detached (not her fault - problems with the connection from the box). It seemed as though the electric equipment felt sorry for me and was trying to help me out. It didn't succeed.

I lost.

Later I switched to foil and fenced my son, who had returned after a few weeks off. He was out of practice and his back was hurting. He beat me 5-1.

It was good to see people and practice. Perhaps next week I'll have better fencing to report.

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Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

If anything would make me believe in horoscopes it might be fencing - some times everything clicks, and sometimes.........

Of course it isn't very consoling to say "next week will be different", I would keep repeating it to see if it sounded better with different emphasis: next week WILL be different; next week will be DIFFERENT, etc.

I'm sorry things didn't mesh, but maybe (likely) in a few weeks, while fencing another style you will suddenly slide your blade over your opponents guard catching them totally by surprise.

12:06 am  
Blogger kathz said...

Thanks for that. I think general tiredness didn't help this week - but sometimes even tiredness can help me focus! Perhaps next week - or the week after - will be better. Meanwhile the epee coach has promised me some time in the week after next (he's not here next week). This is good of him as he's really there to coach beginner foilists and it means staying after the time he usually leaves. I've got a feeling I need to have a couple of sessions of getting back to basics so that I can improve speed, stance, accuracy and so on.

9:50 am  

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