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kathz isn't quite my name. I may be a Quaker. If I'm a fencer I'm a bad one and I don't do sabre. If I'm a Quaker I'm a bad one - but you've worked that out already. Read on. Comment if you like. Don't expect a reply.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

fencing for eggs

The one-hit epee began well, with an unexpected win. After that it was downhill. The next bout was a double defeat and after that I lost six in a row. One loss left me cross with myself as my opponent missed a hit giving me a perfect opportunity - but I didn't attach the blade and he got me.

It was a cheerful contest. As usual, I was the only woman. The winner was presented with his egg and the mini-eggs awarded to the runners up were shared around. With only nine people in a poule unique the contest was over early, giving me the opportunity to fence steam against a couple of opponents .

Sometimes I wish I could be a really good fencer. It's not going to happen, and when I'm up against experienced fencers I see how slow and awkward my movements are. I need more speed and agility and better blade control. I may get slightly better. I'll never be that good. But how many people really get to be as good at anything as they wish? All I can do is try to be better. I never enjoyed a sport until I took up fencing. It's changed my life.

Anyway, I can end on a happier note. Announcements had been made that there would be no fencing the week after Easter. Fencing has been reinstated by popular demand. I don't know if there will be other epeeists there, but I'll do foil if necessary. If it's the only way to get to fence, I'll even try sabre!

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Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

Glad you got a win to start - I know that feeling about never getting good enough - it seems when you do improve, you only become more aware of how much you COULD improve...if only.

Happy easter break.

7:42 pm  

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