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Saturday, July 22, 2006

fencing in a heatwave

Returning to fencing after a missed week is bad enough. But we're having a heatwave.

Ok, so it didn't hit 100, but it came close, and as the heat has lasted for days, people - even tough fencers - have begun to wilt. I melted into my mask. breeches and jacket.

Attendance was low and there were few chances to fence. After one bout at epee, I spent time on foil, when I could find an opponent. I scored few hits, even for me. I had forgotten everything I knew.

Between bouts I drank lots of water and found the coolest place I could - which wasn't cool. I persuaded a young man to divulge the most important piece of information in the leisure centre - the code to open the gym door. This is important because the one water fountain in the leisure centre is locked away in the gym - the code enabled me and other fencers to fill our water bottles.

We left early, because of the heat. I may not be able to fence next week and then there's no more fencing until September.

At least there were several storms and downpours today. The air is temporarily chilled.

Watch my aggression level rise as there's no-one to stab.


Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

I feel for you - we are going through a heat wave here - similar to ones in the UK - no air con anywhere, and nights spent with windows open but no breeze at all. I fenced last night hard and spent the last half hour/45 minutes dizzy and feeling like I may have to rush off and throw up. I deliberately forced myself to fence harder because I for some reason though it would be "good training" for tournaments - Linda said, "Are you stupid" - so I think we know her position. I hope the heat wave breaks and the epeeist come back to Capistrano.

1:47 am  
Blogger kathz said...

ah yes - air conditioning - still quite rare here. We opened the doors to the car park in the leisure centre.

I have acquired a fan for my office. It does as much as it can to get the hot air moving. It also has occasional suicidal episodes when it leaps from the desk to the floor. I know how it feels.

2:09 am  
Anonymous Jim said...

There is a Scottish folk dancing club in my hometown. I have often thought about giving it a try, except I have no rhythm. I have often wondered if it would help my fencing.Our state has a big Highland Games every summer as well. I once game close to accidentally ending my friend Dave's existence with a "keber". <~~~~ Whatever the correct spelling is for the big logs you toss in these games.


10:12 pm  
Blogger kathz said...

I don't know if Scottish dancing helps fencing but it's great fun (good for stamina and concentration too, and Scottish dances tend to be a bit simpler than the English country dances I have tried). I don't have much of a sense of rhythm but you pick it up as you go along because everyone counts the steps. If it's a good group everyone copes with mistakes and laughs at the occasional mess.

Of course, you probably won't want to employ my means of concealing mistakes in footwork - a longish, flouncy skirt - but it did the trick for me.

I think it's a caber, by the way - I always reckon tossing the caber is fun to watch but I've never worked out the rules - I don't know whether hitting a spectator causes disqualification or victory.

1:52 am  
Blogger LeperColony said...

Are you part of a fencing club, or do you just meet random people at a known fencing hub?

1:21 pm  
Blogger kathz said...

I would like to respond that I just challenge random members of the public who happen to be carrying swords, but it wouldn't be true. I belong to a fencing club which meets twice a week, although I can make only one night a week, unfortunately. It's a mixed age club, taking children from the age of 8 and going up to members in their sixties, inclduing the coaches, one of whom is about to compete in the world veterans' championship again. And it's a very friendly, all-ability club, to which visitors are welcome. I joined after watching my son for a couple of years - remarkable to take part in a sport which encourages parents and children to stab one another!

3:24 pm  

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