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Sunday, March 22, 2009

stabbing no-one

I planned to fence. Even when I realised I was ill, and couldn't get to work, I reckoned I could stay in bed all day, then get up in the evening. Rested and miraculously cured, I'd be able to stab people again. At 6.00 p.m. I lay asleep and wondered if I could manage it.

It was only a virus - one that causes sore throats. slight temperatures and acute weariness. My legs ached. I'd been in work the day before and knew I must be there the day after, for a 12-hour day. But I'd done the sensible thing. I had taken paracetemol and slept. Surely I was well enough to get up, climb onto my bike, cycle to the leisure centre and indulge in a little light stabbing.

My legs disagreed. Half an hour later I'd got no further than sitting on the side of the bed. I thought I might get downstairs - just not yet. My throat ached and my head was hot. I gave up.

I managed supper and more sleep. And the next day I managed my 12-hour day. (But it's probably just as well that no-one caught me having a little extra sleep on the office floor between meetings).

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Blogger The Gray Epee said...

I saw these old fencing films and thought you might like them.


1:23 am  
Blogger The Gray Epee said...


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Blogger kathz said...

Thanks very much for the films - they're great.

10:17 pm  

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