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Saturday, March 01, 2008

preparing to lunge

It's getting better. My "policeman's foot" (or plantar fasciitis) only hurts a little, when I've been walking for half an hour or so. I can put weight on my foot when I get out of bed in the morning and I can stay on my feet for a while if it's required.

I've been careful, however. I didn't wear my highest heels to work. I stopped running up and down stairs, and limited excursions from my office. Taking my place on a peace stall at the weekend, I stayed for a mere half-hour, leaving when a fellow Quaker arrived. I'm hesitating about the peace march in two weeks' time. Perhaps I'll find a way of reaching Aldermaston on Easter Monday. Campaigning for peace can involve an awful lot of standing and walking.

At least I managed a little fencing. Walking the mile and a half to the leisure centre was painful and it was embarrassing to explain that I would fence as much as I could from a stationary position. It seemed quite an imposition. There were more than fifty fencers. The beginners remain enthusiastic while seniors were preparing for a big, local Open. I fenced a couple of epeeists who did their best to fence down to my level. I didn't do well but any fencing was an achievement.

I wanted to watch the Open this weekend but I've too much to do and I'm not sure my foot would benefit from the long bus journey and the standing. There won't be any seats for spectators.

But somehow I've got to get some exercise. I'm determined to fence properly - footwork, lunges and all - next week. My breeches are dangerously tight.

Note: The chef alerted me to a spelling mistake which I have now corrected. There is an interesting footnote on the relationship between "stationary" and "stationery" here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

without wanting to be pedantic, you spelt 'stationary' wrong. But if you want to go to the open tomorrow I have a folding chair you could have (you can have it anyway if useful, as I need to move my entire life to Paris).
The Chef

1:27 am  
Blogger kathz said...

Dear Chef,

I'm shocked at my misspelling - evidently my desire for more expensive Claire Fontaine notebooks took over my subconscious - but I object when the repressed returns as a spelling error. I shall change it at once.

Thanks for the offer of a folding chair but there isn't a direct bus on Sundays and it's a very long journey. I also (as always) have housework to do.

I wish I could move my entire life to Paris. Meanwhile, I hope you'll be fencing this week.

1:57 pm  

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