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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

breathe in!

It's been a long summer without fencing.

I planned to fence. Then there was something wrong with the floor in the leisure centre, which made August fencing impossible. The chef and I discussed meeting in a garden for a bout or two - not the chef's own garden, of course, because she's too self-conscious, but a garden she could borrow when friends were away. But it rained a lot and the dates didn't work out.

As the return to fencing approached, I was filled with trepidation. I'd meant to take exercise in the summer - and I had climbed over boats and walked on beaches and through cities. I'd even swum in the sea for quite some time - but it wasn't a vigorous swim and included quite a lot of floating. And the holiday, like most holidays, had included good food and alcohol.

Worrying about fitness was bad enough. I had to face an even more serious question. Could I still fit into my breeches?

I worried about it for days. Finally, the day before fencing, I knew I had to find out. It wasn't the easiest fit in the world but not too bad. I tried a small lunge. They didn't split. They felt snug and comfortable. I was suddenly confident about fencing.

So I took off my breeches and put on my skirt, grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge and set out for dinner. The chef, preparing for her move to France, had invited me to a feast.

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Anonymous Katie said...

I would have been delighted to fence in my garden, if it were large enough to actually move backwards and forwards in (note my deliberate split infinitive). But I will admit to being too self-conscious to fence in some of the other locations you suggested, such as the street outside the police station and the university campus in full view of my colleagues.

5:34 pm  
Blogger kathz said...

I suppose split infinitives are - just - better than split breeches.

8:27 pm  
Anonymous Katie said...

What I think is that if Fowler says it's all right then it is.

9:42 pm  
Blogger kathz said...

At least in Latin and Greek split infinitives are impossible.

8:12 am  

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